Thanks bunches for considering Josh Wingerter and Josh WIngerter Art, LLC for your upcoming project! The following will give you more insight on Josh and the masterpieces he creates.

Josh Wingerter Art History

Over the last several years Josh Wingerter’s talents have taken the art industry by storm! Just an easy-going guy born and raised in New Orleans, Josh was introduced to his talent in 2007 after a sports injury left him bedridden. His new-found love for painting, combined with his strong work ethic, excelled his art career at lightning speeds. In 2017 alone, he released five different series of paintings, totaling a staggering 603 original pieces! Josh’s love for art has placed many great people and projects in his life.  He and his team are always excited growing creatively and spreading Josh’s art love in as many places as possible! 

“The universe has been so good to me, man, and my art is my (Thank You) gift I give to it”!
-Josh Wingerter
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